About me


I'm a medical researcher with an interest in ageing and neurodegeneration. With my colleagues at the Institute for Ethnomedicine in the USA and the University of Technology in Sydney, in 2013 we discovered that a toxin made by blue green algae can get stuck in human proteins and cause cell death, potentially contributing to neurodegeneration. We also discovered that a cheap, accessible supplement can prevent this toxicity. These findings have huge potential for reducing the burden of dementia related illnesses in our society. 

I now spend my time between Macquarie University in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Institute for Ethnomedicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

You can find out more about my work here


Before turning to research, I was a graphic designer and copywriter working in advertising, and now I take photos for a hobby. I mostly shoot wildlife, especially birds, but when I'm living in the West of America, I can't help but shoot landscape. The countryside is just so spectacular. And curiously, my photography and research has merged in recent times with me shooting cyanobacteria in America and Qatar, in the Middle East. 

I use Canon and Tamron for acquiring images and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post-production. 

You can view my work here.